National Fire Safety Company Donates $2390 to WAFS Burn Camp



Aug 27, 2014

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National Fire Safety Company Donates $2390 to WAFS Burn Camp


Saukville, WI – DeTech, Inc., a national wholesaler of high quality early warning fire detection equipment for residential homes announced it has donated $2390 to the Wisconsin Alliance For Fire Safety Burn Camp. The WAFS burn camp is a place where kids with burn injuries can go for some summer camp fun. DeTech and its national Authorized Dealer network takes up donations throughout the year to support this cause.
DeTech distributes its products through a network of independent authorized Dealerships who are well trained in the art of installing premium fire alarms in residential dwellings. Our goal is to eliminate the problem these children encountered.
The U.S. has one of the highest fire death rates in the industrial world. Fires kill thousands, injure tens of thousands, and cost billions of dollars. The public is largely unaware of these numbers because fire often strikes one family at a time. The lack of public education along with a high failure rate of common house hold smoke detectors are why there is a fire problem in the U.S.
Many families do not understand the airflow in their homes created by air ducts, ceiling fans, cold air returns, windows, and the architectural make up of their homes. DeTech representatives understand the influence air currents have on smoke, gases and heated air in most homes and can use their expertise to install more reliable, high tech, products in areas of your home where they will provide optimum results. There really is an art to installing good quality fire detection equipment.
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