Interconnected TruWatch CO Alarm

This is the only CO good enough to ever carry the TruWatch brand name. It has the unique ability to connect to other TruWatch CO alarms and/or your TruWatch smoke alarms so when one goes off all go off giving you the earliest warning no matter where your safety issue is located in your home.

  • Digital Display
  • Self diagnostics
  • interconnectability
  • 10 year warranty
  • Meets both UL and ETL standards
  • The electrochemical sensors use two matched platinum electrodes and sulfuric acid combination to promote a reaction between CO and the oxygen which result in peak performance
  • Low level readout gives earlier warning and helps detect the source of the leak
  • Made in Ireland
  • The battery life, using 2-AAA alkaline batteries for this CO is up to 10 years.
A recent surge in legislation being passed at both the state and jurisdiction level across the country emphasizes the importance of carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in all residences that use fossil fuels. Almost 500 deaths a year and over 15,000 people seeking medical attention* are attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning and could be prevented if carbon monoxide alarms were installed.